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    We chose to use the numbers 4 and 9 with the English term for custom made (Bespoke) and to add the legal incorporated requirement. The significance of the 4 and 9 relate to Reg McClellan's privilege to have worn the number 4 for over 20 years on the men's national wheelchair basketball team and an honour that his partner, Chantal Benoit shares having wore the number 9 on the women's national team for 27 years.
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About 49 Bespoke

49 Bespoke Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 2002 to market and promote BESPOKE (custom Made) RGK Wheelchairs in North America. It has grown to distribute VARILITE ® cushions, backs, PAL Lateral Supports, Belts and Harnesses in Canada along with other ultra-light folding and rigid wheelchairs, Spinergy, Kenda, X-Core, Shox, Sun Components, Softwheels, Frog Legs, Blax, BBraver, OutFront, Schwalbe, Batec, Fit Grip, Topolino, and a host of other products most for same day shipping!

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Our Strategic Partners

  • RGK

    Twenty-five years ago, we observed the wheelchair market and decided to change it radically, to provide each wheelchair user with the potential to live their life to the full with a chair fit for each individual purpose. Read More
  • Batec Mobility

    At Batec Mobility we radically improve the mobility of people with disabilities to match their lifestyle to that of people with no disabilities. Read More

    At VARILITE, our goal is to help people who use wheelchairs for mobility lead empowered, independent and connected lives. We strive to design effective, innovative postural support solutions. Read More
  • Kenda Tires

    What moves you? The thrill of offroad adventure? The adrenaline rush of competition? On the road, on the trail or on the racetrack, you can count on Kenda quality. Read More
  • Schwalbe

    We at Schwalbe are convinced that cycling belongs irreplaceably to our everyday culture – quite simply, because it is a natural, humane form of mobility. Read More
  • Spinergy

    Spinergy, Inc. is committed to offering a great wheel that will change your life day in and day out. We take customer service to a personal level, improving our products based on users’ hands-on experience. Read More
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