Care-free, worry-free, maintenance-free mobility is what you'll experience with KENDA AMERICAN AIRLESS air free products. Our complete line of Airless Tires, Flat-Free Tubes, and Innerthanes™ are specifically designed to perfectly fit all manual and electric wheelchairs and 3-wheel scooters. They're light as a feather and when it comes to flats they're "tougher than nails". So, you can forget about flats... FOREVER! Check Retail Pricing/Sizing for details!


K196 Kontender


K885 Kobra


K161 Kross



You will find SCHWALBE bike tires in the USA, in South Africa as well as in Japan and Australia. In Europe, we are even the market leader! There are two reasons for this success. We are "tire fanatics" and 100% committed to bikes as well as, for several years now, to wheelchairs.

Marathon Plus

HS440 Marathon Plus


HS331 JumpinJack


HS342 Downtown



CEW is dedicated to providing exceptional products supported by a stringent ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system. With three factories located strategically in America and Mexico, we are able to provide our customers with faster deliveries and lower prices. We are the preferred tire manufacturer due to our diligent service and exceptional client relations.




Shox G2





We have modern production facilities and R & D team in China and Taiwan, making even the company more efficient and better quality to provide customers with comprehensive, professional service. And is committed to product innovation, total quality management and continuous production of high-quality products to better serve the public well-being and sports career.


C1083 Racer


C1836 Sentinel


C1195 Passage



Basic philosophy of the company is specialization in development and production of tubular tyres – the best option for cycling sport. From the very beginning, company TUFO worked hand in hand with many world champions and elite racers from all cycling disciplines. This cooperation makes the transition of theoretical knowledge from development and research into new products much easier. These days TUFO products are manufactured to the highest standards conforming to the strictest criteria in the races for podium finish.



2TY635 MS3 28" - Tufo Tubular Tires - Blue $110.00
2TY640 MS3 26" - Tufo Tubular Tires - Blue $110.00
2TY645 MS3 25" - Tufo Tubular Tires - Blue $110.00
2TY650 WS3 24" - Tufo Tubular Tires - Blue $110.00



Everyone dreams of founding a humble business and setting out to create a best-in category product. Take a look to the future and see that business today,85 years later, still producing that same great product, developing new products, and growing at a very rapid clip.


We are confident Innova's reputation for quality products and excellent customer service will extend itself into whichever market we enter. We believe our vision of quality and customer service will ultimately make Innova along with our customers become trusted household names synonymous with quality and value.