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Bespoke Plus Volume 14, Number 197 - In this issue of Bespoke Plus we recap the 2016 People in Motion Show with the first annual OSOT event, the first annual Vaughan Accessibility Fair, provide the information on the Dr. Gary McPherson Scholarship, update the situation with IATA and lithium ion batteries, relay one end users view "Wow", and have other Bits and Bytes! Read on ...

In this issue of Bespoke Plus we talk about our return to the People in Motion Show, announce the first Vaughan City Accessibility Fair, Rick Hansen's Access For All, latest on Lithium Ion, Spinergy, Loop Wheels, Topolino, and other Bits and Bytes! Read on ...

We are booked into the People in Motion Show along with the first of four OSOT "Linked in to Learn" sessions! Also in this issue of Bespoke Plus we have information on a new Omni Pod, bring you up to date on Medline and Medical Mart, share a piece on the 2016 Bill Hersh award winner, wrant a bit on Lithium Ion developments, and lots of other Bits and Bytes. For more, Read on:

We take the opportunity to congratulate Forrest on the Batec Contest Win, invite "Touch and Try" partners, update on McKesson, the new RGK Web Site, ALACD developments, other "Not Dead Yet" information and Bits and Bytes in Bespoke Plus Volume 14 Number 194! Read on ...

In this issue of Bespoke Plus we show our new look, report on Glance Wheels closure, share information on Team Canada Healing Hands Uganda Project, our most ordered tire part numbers, talk about Big Business and the 12th Annual Awards luncheon by CFPDP! Read on ...

In this issue of Bespoke Plus, the first of 2016 and our 14th year of this publication, we talk about mom and pop businesses, ISS, CSMC, funding cut backs, Fit Grips, Spinergy LXL and their ZX-1, and the Batec promotion. READ MORE

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49 Bespoke Inc. (formerly RGK Wheelchairs, Inc.) is a privately owned company founded in 2002 to market and promote BESPOKE (custom Made) RGK Wheelchairs in North America.


49 Bespoke Inc.
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Concord, Ontario
L4K 4G3 Canada


+1 (416) 661-4499

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