Special all-terrain bicycles for the disabled

At Batec Mobility we radically improve the mobility of people with disabilities to match their lifestyle to that of people without a disability. We fulfil this mission by creating and selling innovative products designed by and for disabled people.

The history of the project is closely linked to the personal story of Pau Bach, the quadriplegic who founded Batec Mobility to bring the mobility solutions he designed to other people with physical disabilities.

Located in Barcelona, Batec Mobility is a perfect example of the city's industrial design tradition. It has received several awards since its foundation in 2006, both for its entrepreneurship and for its social project, and, at present, more than half of all members on the highly motivated Batec team are disabled.

Batec Mobility handbikes revolutionise the mobility of people with disabilities. Attachable handbikes with a revolutionary anchoring system. Connect your Batec handbike to your wheelchair in just seconds. Experts in attachable propulsion systems and devices for wheelchairs. Special all-terrain bicycles for the disabled. Changing lives through mobility.